First cut is the Deepest…and yummiest!!

My first entry! I’m really looking forward to keeping this blog throughout medical school, especially since I’ve been thinking about starting it for over a year now. It’s going to get a lot more interesting once I start my rotations in July since I’ll have experiences to write about, but for now it’s purely going to be about FOOD…and nerdy things I find interesting. Sometimes I think I would have been way better being a chef or a bartender than going to medical school. There’s just something about infusing flavors and stimulating the palate that is so drawing. I guess mixing cranberry and vodka at parties will have to suffice. Plus, that’s all I’ll be prescribing anyway so I guess it worked out.

OK, so enough digressing and on to the food! WARNING: these pictures are explicit and will arouse multiple senses. They may also provoke hypersalivation, diaphoresis, and feelings of being frustrated as EFF because you can’t just eat the food off the screen!

Last week, after anxiously waiting 6 weeks to get a reservation, 5 of my friends and I ate at this amazing Italian restaurant, Lucia, in the Bishop Arts District. It actually worked out to be good timing because it was sort of a last hoorah before we have to start the painful process of studying for the boards.

When we got there the chef’s wife Jennifer went through the entire menu for us. I wish I could talk about food half as eloquently as she did because I literally wanted to eat everything on the menu after hearing her describe the options.

Right when we sat down I knew I loved the place when they had olives out…and they were warm which made them a MILLION times better! I hope there are guys out there who hate olives because I’m going to need to find one according to the olive theory (HIMYM!!!!!!).

We decided to get Salumi misti for our antipasti, which was a plate of house-made cured meats that is a specialty of the restaurant. I normally don’t eat a lot of meat, or pure fat in general, but this was incredible. I can still taste the lardo melting in my mouth. YUM. I wish fat wasn’t so bad for you because I would be PRADER WILLI-ing all over it.

Salumi misti

Everyone ordered different things and everything was amazing…so complex yet so cozy.

I’m really glad someone ordered the beef tongue because I really wanted to try it but I was too scared to order it as a meal. It was surprisingly delicious and the texture was much smoother than I imagined. I think everyone should try tongue (as a meal).

Gnocci with lima beans

some sort of pasta- i should have posted this right after i ate it so i would have remembered the name. oops!


Squid stew

I have to say that the veal was in the top 5 things I have ever put in my mouth…I still have dreams about it.

I love long dinners. I think we were there for almost 3 hours just savoring the flavors and talking. I really think that the keys to having a happy life are to eat good food and be in good company, and last night was full of both. I was actually considering not eating for a while afterwards because I didn’t want to bastardize my taste buds after such a delicious meal! But then I got hungry and ate Cookie Crisp in the morning…oops.

So my next entry is actually going to be a recipe!! I ordered this ice cream maker on a whim on Amazon so hopefully that arrives this week so I can start experimenting. Also, I hope my writing skills improve past the level of a 5th grader. I don’t think I’ve written anything this long that didn’t involve me taking notes (blindly copying my syllabus while thinking I’m paraphrasing it) in a LONG time.


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